Careers at Reichman Jorgensen LLP


Why Work at Reichman Jorgensen LLP?

Reichman Jorgensen is actively seeking to hire new attorneys, including laterals, recent graduates, and law students. Our team is full of smart, interesting people passionate about building our new firm. We are looking for lawyers who bring something exceptional to the table, and we believe exceptional talent can come in many forms: academic credentials, clerkships, writing skill, technical prowess, creative thinking, and so on.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact Kate Falkenstien at

Why work at Reichman Jorgensen? We are an innovative, disruptive law firm seeking highly effective lawyers who are enthusiastic about growing an elite national trial practice with a focus on complex commercial and IP cases. Here are a few of the reasons we think Reichman Jorgensen is a great place to build your career:

Diverse array of litigation:  We represent all different kinds of parties, both plaintiffs and defendants, large and small. We don’t have set practice areas that limit what kind of cases you can take or with which partners you will work. 

Above-market compensation and flexible partnership: We pay above market rates, along with generous bonuses, in order to attract top legal talent. We aren’t wedded to a set partnership track — you can move up as fast as you’re ready – and there will be constant feedback on how your practice is progressing.

No billable hours:  We bill our clients based on what we get done, not how long it takes us. We value efficiency, stellar legal skills, productivity, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Meaningful roles from day one:  Our associates do interesting, important work from the very start. We staff our cases leanly, so that even the youngest associates have meaty work and real interaction with all the partners – ask any of them! You won’t waste your time writing endless internal memos here — we want you to own meaningful aspects of our cases, from writing briefs to taking depositions to drafting complaints, and to speaking roles in court from the start.

Flexible culture focused on results:  We don’t care how you like to work — we care what you get done! We are not looking for a type, other than being an extraordinary talent. We’re flexible about when and where you work. If you think you’d be a good fit for our firm, get in touch, and we will work with you to find an arrangement that unleashes your abilities.

Interesting people with interesting lives outside work:  We are more than “collegial” coworkers -- we’re real, multifaceted people with passions both within and beyond the law! We don’t ask you to fit into a mold -- we want you to add to our vibrant but diverse group of friends and colleagues. 

Committed to public service:  We support our lawyers engaging with their communities and using their legal skills for the public good. We have represented inmates suing over abusive prison conditions, tenants evicted from their homes, civil rights plaintiffs, indigent criminal defendants, and immigrants seeking asylum, among many other pro bono efforts that also include dozens of pro bono appellate arguments.